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If this poem works for the reader, it will evoke an intimation of awe at the idea of God and transcendence, regardless of the reader's religious views.

We Seek Him

By Ken Sanes

In a place beyond the limitations
of personality and perception,
we seek Him. In an expansive place
that is beyond our individual destiny,
we seek after the One who is
the first and only cause of nature,
the original author of our lives
who formed the galaxies with His hands
and planted the world’s forests.
In a place that is beyond our attachment
to life circumstance and desire,
we leave vanity and ambition behind us
and seek to play a part in a larger destiny
as we join in with heavenly choirs
and lift our voices to proclaim:
"Holy, holy, holy is the LORD Almighty;
the whole Earth is full of his glory."

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