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This Is the Kind of Day

by Ken Sanes

It is a bright clear day,
the kind of day I live for, and wait for,
all year, through the freezing winters
with overcast skies and bare trees,
and through all the falls of pending death
hung with red and orange and yellow leaves.
Yes, this is the kind of day I wait for,
the perfect spring day with cool mornings
and mild afternoons, clear and crisp;
with bright sunlight breaking through the leaves;
with squirrels racing along sky bridges
of branches and wires between wood poles,
and birds everywhere soaring,
singing from newly luxuriant trees.
This is the spring I wait for every year.
This is the spring that never disappoints.
This is what makes it all worthwhile, 
banishing thoughts of winter when it is late
and each of us is subject to the zero of fate.
This is the spring I wait for. This is the love
I am filled with clear up to the soul.
These are the days that evoke a desire for rhyme.
Yes, if there is a God, let this day be Your sign.

Image by Nandaro (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0
via Wikimedia Commons

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