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Things To Do While Waiting

by Ken Sanes

Here are some things we can do with our lives
before our departure inevitably arrives:
we can ask the world to be more humane
or learn to talk clever, witty, urbane;
we can think a lot about all kinds of sex --
locations, positions, revenge on the ex --
or keep pumping iron to pump up our pecs;
and we can chase after money until we get rich
or carve out a comfortable, anonymous niche.
We can even try to live on in our writing
by being extensively quoted and read
but, whatever we do in the course of our life,
our sad common end is we end up dead.
We can gorge on ice cream and apple pie
and try to forget that one day well die;
we can flex and admire ourselves in a mirror
or be a subway creep who keeps getting nearer;
and we can save lots of puppies with floppy ears
and clumsy paws and sad pleading eyes,
but the truth about life in this veil of tears
is that everything living meets its demise.
And even when things are really first rate,
we instinctively know that its already late
because the clock is set at a minute to midnight
and each minute edges us closer to fate --
and eyeing the clock with a hint of alarm
still wont stop us from buying the farm.
So take pleasure in living, enjoy while you can,
because nothing is going according to plan.
And when you finally fall into all of that nothing,
it wont even rise to the blankness of stone.
That is the calamity each of us faces,
and each of us is forced to face alone.


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