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The Gift of Light

by Ken Sanes

In the morning, when the sun rises,
the land is bathed in a clear light
and I wake up to greet the day.
And the one thing I usually notice
is that the world is coming to life
as children head off to school,
and people attend to their chores,
and birds soar on open wings,
rising and falling in the morning sky.
And I marvel at the way the light
provides energy for abundant life,
like love radiating from a living source,
generating rich green forests;
and rows of wheat on family farms
that give order to life’s bounty;
and unsteady lambs trying to stand,
under the eye of watchful mothers.
And even though darkness is common,
and we lose the people we love,
I am certain that life is good,
because it is filled with a radiant light,
providing us with the gift of sight
and sustaining the living world.


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