Short stories about life. Subjects include the long sweep of time, the quest for freedom, the yearning for love, and growing up.

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Short Stories

by Ken Sanes

Traditional Short Stories About Life and Death

The Survivor
This short story about the long sweep of history is smooth
and deeply ironic, with a very strange central character. I think
a lot of readers will enjoy this.

Finding Freedom
In this work of existential fiction, a bottlenose dolphin raised in
captivity struggles to survive -- and learns the truth about life
and death. People tell me they cry at the end of this one.

A Family is Born
A short story  for the sentimentalist in you, about how a
young woman's life changes when she rescues a family of
stray cats.

The Observatory
This short story depicts a few moments in the life of a mother
and child who are in a high-rise observatory viewing area
when something happens.

Literary Fiction and Intellectual Fantasies

The Last Days of Sylvester the Cat, as Told by Himself
Sylvester the Cat discovers the nature of reality.

Archetypes Under Attack!
An intellectual fantasy about what happens when a cosmic
virus attacks the archetypes or models for everything in
existence, and the order of the universe falls apart. Hopefully,
readers will find this short story a lot of fun -- and more than a
little mind-boggling.

A Bosh-Like World
This is another work of literary fiction about the depiction
of a world where the imagination comes to life.

The Falls
A work of short fiction that weaves together a story and ideas
about parental love, the poetic imagination, science, and the
search for ultimate truth.

Seeing With a Cosmic Eye
This literary work combines the elements of fiction, an essay,
and a poem to tell a story about life in an impossible universe.
Two notes: it is for the patient reader, and your perception of
world may change after reading it.

For Young Adult or Teenage Readers

Gleeto's Excellent Adventure
A lively science fiction story about taking a step in life
toward adulthood. This is young adult fiction aimed at
teenage readers. But older readers will appreciate the
story, as well.

Short Stories For Young Readers

No one will accuse me of trying to commit literature with
these three works of fiction for children. But these are
three nice short stories about life that many
young readers
will enjoy.

Jamie's First Words
It looked like twelve year-old Jamie was going to have a
limited life because she couldn't use language to communicate.
Then she faced a crisis.

Journey to Dendara
In the year 2147, one hundred thousand people left the Earth
in a giant space ship to start a new life on another planet.

Rodney Saves the Family
Uh-oh! A hurricane is coming and the Davis family isn't as
prepared as it should be. 

Classic Short Stories by Famous Authors

Here is a handful of some of the best short stories
ever written, with a unique slant on life.

Young Goodman Brown
by Nathaniel Hawthorne

The Necklace
by Guy de Maupassant

The Gift Of The Magi
by O. Henry

The Lady or the Tiger
by Frank R. Stockton

The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County
by Mark Twain

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