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Cosmic web.



by Ken Sanes

All my life
I wanted to learn
and know.
And I did learn,
and now I know
that we are
infinitesimal dots
in an expanse
of space and time,
and that innumerable universes
or even multiple dimensions
may define existence.
I also know that the me
who is disturbed by this truth
-- and in awe of it --
is really a brain
or, more accurately,
an organization
of cells and DNA,
atoms and quarks,
all the way down
to vibrating strings,
without a place
for an independent self
anywhere in the expanse.
And even this
will soon disassemble
into its impossible parts.
So now I want to know
God, who is the only cure
for this terminal illness
and a last refuge from despair.
I want to know
the transcendent God
of the universe
who is beyond paradox
and who is encountered,
through a cloud of unknowing,
with the capacity to bathe us
in perfect love
and lift up billions
of elusive souls.
But a God who
cares about us
and cares about
what we care about,
with a compelling reason
for all this
creation and destruction
on a titanic scale,
is a difficult thing,
and I am thrown back
on science,
and our fragile, dependent
desire for good
as a source of hope
in a disturbing world.


Image is a  rendering of a slice of the
cosmic web -- the large scale structure of the
known universe -- made up of clusters of
galaxies "connected" by filaments of galaxies.
The image is by NASA, ESA, and E. Hallman
(University of Colorado, Boulder)
[Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


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