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Jupiter and Saturn seen as if they are partially overlapping.



How can we live in a universe like this?

by Ken Sanes

How can we live in a universe like this
and find a way to make it our own
when we now experience the cosmic sublime
and are in awe of the distances of space
and billions of years since the birth of time?
How can we make sense of it all
when we have to deal with the double negation
of death and an impossible world,
as the universe sings an inhuman song
that is surprisingly clever and oddly wrong?
How can we make sense of the Pillars of Creation,
filaments of galaxies and the event horizon,
or subatomic particles that arenít in a place,
or entangled electrons that bond beyond space?
And how can we ever accept the idea
that the universe may be a hologram on a screen
so everything we know is an immersive illusion
generated by the ultimate virtual machine?
The answer, of course, is that we can't.
So, why don't we turn back to milkshakes
and flirting at parties and a regular rhyme,
and music and marchers that always keep time,
and the stuffing of ballots and a swing on a tree,
which is the world we know, the world we can see,
because we are lost in the face of the large and the small.
They are stealing our coherence in a world to appall.


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