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Who says the rhyme in a poem has to be at the end of the lines?


Every morning we rise with the sun

by Ken Sanes

Every morning we rise with the sun
and observe the clarity of the day's fresh light,
after passing through the shadows of tooth
and claw thrown by the night. We observe
the morning breeze, as well, moving in
waves through fields of wheat, and the
order of houses in rows along the street.
But we take in the world beyond this also,
of kingfishers, marlins and spotted leopards,
towering redwoods and knotted pines,
with a hint of movement across the surface
as something twists and writhes below,
and intertwines. Every morning we observe
these things, whether they are near or beyond
sight, as we revel in the world the sun has made,
and take in what is not us and is not the light.


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