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I'd Like to Raise a Poem From
The Deep Spring of Life

by Ken Sanes

Id like to raise a poem from the deep spring of life
and offer you something that can sing from the heart.
So Ill try to pour meanings inside other meanings
to convey the lost truth and grand vision of art.

And Id like to sing a poem that celebrates life,
while asking what the world can possibly be for,
when camaraderie is natural, filled with good feeling,
but our lives keep unfolding surrounded by war.

And Id like to refer to passed empires and people
to evoke a state of awe that is more than we feel,
because awe and good feeling are spontaneous products
of the spring thats the source of our intuited ideal.

So I'll try to raise this up for your deep reflection,
and say all past moments, including our dreams,
may one day be poured into a single great moment
in which nothing is lost, and life is just what it seems.


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