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Clues To a Crime

by Ken Sanes

Lifeless nature is an exterior, blind, and void of will.
Life is nurturing, playful, and ready for the kill.
This is our world, where we hunt clues to a crime
in a hollowed out space that is slashed by time.

If there’s a reason for hope, it’s in our desire
for communion, happiness, art and love,
which tells us the tremors rolling from the depths
drown out the response being sung from above.

But some say that's wrong and there's no flowing robe,
no benevolent gaze, no snake or wood staff,
no hidden hand that turns the galaxy and globe,
or winds the world’s clockwork, and no preset path.

If they're right, that leaves us with an overlarge sun,
and my desire to melt into your startling blue eyes,
and the children laughing, playing in the yard,
and a lifetime of lushly painted red and azure skies.

It leaves us with Eros as it is cut by Strife,
while a tattered mother wolf laps up the blood
because she was selected by nature to be hungry for life.

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