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Hello -- and thank you for checking out my work. My name is Ken Sanes; I live in Metro Boston and, as you can see, I'm a writer. In this note, I want to give you a few details about my career in writing so you will know a little about me.

I worked in the newspaper business in the 1980s doing everything from reporter to copy editor to editorial writer and opinion columnist. Over the years, I published a occasional pieces in prominent publications, including in the Boston Globe, the Nation, Newsday, the San Francisco Chronicle, and the Boston Herald.

I have two websites -- this one and a website of essays created in the 1990s about popular culture, human nature, and our desire to live a good life. The essays on that website have been used in classrooms around the world. It has also won a number of awards, and has been referred to by various publications such as the Wall Street Journal. You can read some of the things that have been said about it, and some of the ways it has been used in classrooms, at this web page.

I hope you like this latest offering of poetry and short stories. A lot of it focuses on the human condition and the basic conditions of life. And most of it is relatively easy to follow, although there are a few places where a poem or story requires a more enigmatic approach.

You are invited to share your thoughts about my work (or about any problems with the website) via the email address below.


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