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Ars Footsie

by Ken Sanes

A poem should be lovable and cute,
like a little dog that is trying to root.

It should be emotionally numb
like someone under your thumb

and silent as a bone
buried under the earth

where a large tree was planted
so it looks like that’s where it has naturally grown.

A poem should move in time
like a ball apparently in an upside down cup

being moved around with two other cups
in the commission of a crime,

leaving, as our reveries release,
birds crashing into a pile of hay,

and when others say “No way,”
a poem should say “Way! Way!”

A poem should be great --
really, really first rate --

one line a sword in a sheath,
the next, the history of the traffic cloverleaf….

Oh heck, let’s get to the good part,

because the words of a poem should play footsie
with each other under the page or screen,

while you keep trying to look under the surface and see.
Also a poem should not be mean or give you the knee.


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